"Shape the Future, and Contribute to Society through Children's Education".

This is Kids Corporation Group's corporate vision, and the reason for our existence.
It is our mission to engage in early-childhood education, the precious period of life when the individual's foundation as a person is formed.
This means enabling each child to stand on their own two feet and carve out their own unique, joyful path in life in pursuit of their dreams, in an ever-changing world.
It also means that every member of our Kids Corporation Family leads a fulfilling daily life, and continues to create a bright future.
Through our corporate activities, this means believing in people's fundamental potential, envisaging a future in which various social challenges have been solved, and taking constant steps towards making that future a reality.
With the mottos of "Kids First" and "Education Transcends Borders", and the backing of each of our Group companies, we will continue to support the children around the world who will create the future for many years to come.


Shape the Future
and Contribute to Society
Through Children's Education


  • Kids First

    Children are our utmost priority of all

  • Only One

    Construct our unique brand centering on the field of early-years education

  • For Happiness

    Learn and grow together, and share joy with each other


  • Kids Corporation Family

    We, as a member of the Kids Corporation Family, strive to foster generosity of spirit and a sense of gratitude.

  • Challenge

    We believe in unlimited possibilities, and we take initiative in new challenges.

  • High Quality

    We pursue expertise, and we provide high-quality services.