President Message

Truly pursue childcare for children
‐Kids Corporation Holdings’ voyage without chart continues‐

After graduating from university, I got a job as the teacher of a university attached kindergarten. Since then, I have been involved in early childhood education for 30 years.
A number of events have occurred, however, I have always kept my belief in mind, that is "To practice true infant education for children" and "To change the country through early childhood education". Even when I was the kindergarten teacher, even when I started a business at the one-room apartment, and even now when the company has grown bigger and runs more than 150 nurseries nationwide, it has not changed.

The number of what we have to do as well as what we want to do has increased for 30years, leading to broadening our business field, such as the peripheral businesses of infant education and training business for childcare providers. We have shifted to holdings company system to embark on new businesses.

There are outstanding methods for infant education in Japan. I intend to spread them all over the world by organizing them. As I had dreamed of expanding to serve the entire country at a 6-tatami one-room apartment, Kids Corporation Holdings in a corner of the Japan is now dreaming about advancing overseas. I have been determined to go forward with the belief that “Dream is what is realized, not what is dreamed.”

I would appreciate it if everyone looked forward to the future of Kids Corporation Holdings, watching it with a warm eye.

代表取締役 大塚 雅一

CEO Masakazu Otsuka

代表取締役 大塚 雅一

He started the business at the age of 27 after graduation from university and teacher at the kindergarten attached to the university. He had doubt about 'uniformity of early infant education' , which led him to visit over 300 kindergartens and nursery schools to seek ideal infant education.
He has pursued it since then.
Kids Corporation Holdings Inc., where he is the representative director, runs licensed nurseries, in-hospital nurseries, and in-company nursery schools nationwide.
As of April 2018, by operating facilities of about 150 nursery schools, he supports working women from the side.
In autumn of 2017, He received the "Ranju Housyou" award. He received it with an exceptional youth of 51 years old, and also had an audience with the Emperor.